Spirituality in Business: Using the Law of Attraction for Successful Self Employment

Self employed? Are you ready to thrive instead of strive?

Attention solopreneurs and small business entrepreneurs! Does this sound like you:

You love your business — or, you used to — but find you’re working way too hard for too little money.

You know the Law of Attraction is supposed to answer when you ask — but you can’t seem

to unlock the key to success no matter how often or how sincerely you ask for it.

You may even feel increasingly frustrated, to the point where you wonder if you can really make self employment work for you.

I know how you feel, because I’ve felt that way too. What turned my life and business around was a thrilling new perspective that every small business entrepreneur can attain.

Using specific simple techniques that anyone can master (and that I’ve taught to hundreds of people), I accessed my inner being, or Soul Power.

Thus I discovered my connection to the one spiritual energy that creates and sustains the universe. You can do this too — I can show you how, starting today.

Once you have the inner connection, you become unstoppable in your business and your life.

That’s because the power to create what we want, including astounding prosperity, is built right into our spiritual essence. We just need to tap into that essence, instead of over-relying on our mind and our actions.

Sure we must use our intellects and also take action in business. But thought and action are a million times more effective when they’re aligned with our Soul Power.

That inner alignment, once you achieve it, is what makes the Law of Attraction such a powerful ally.

If your self employment isn’t bringing you prosperity and happiness, you’ve come to the right place to make the shift from striving to thriving.

What is Successful Self Employment all about? And, more importantly, will it work for you?

Spirituality in Business

Self employment is a vehicle for reaching your dream life.

Most small business entrepreneurs feel excited when they start a business. They anticipate more freedom in their personal lives, a fuller expression of their spirituality through the business, and the achievement of greater levels of prosperity.

But they often find it hard to get beyond the struggle, even though they no longer answer to an external boss or a corporation.

They’re changed their circumstances, but they haven’t changed their “vibration” — the thoughts and feelings that they broadcast to our Law of Attraction-based universe.

They’re still identified with the same old self-doubt and worry. That’s what the Law of Attraction responds to.

But when you learn to identify with your spiritual essence — the one source of spiritual energy — you access an inner security that lifts you above the struggle.

Suddenly your options are open, and your business thrives. Spirituality can do that, and the Successful Self Employment approach shows you how it’s done.

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Using the Law of Attraction

It’s not about luck or positive thinking. When you understand universal laws, such as the Law of Attraction, you learn the science of being a successfully self employed small business entrepreneur.

Gradually, you peel away the accumulated layers of struggle and resistance. When you release struggle, your inherent connection to prosperity re-emerges, and the Law of Attraction begins to work in your favor.

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