Successful Self Employment (SSE) News
July 15, 2002 – Launch Edition – thereafter published every other Friday
by Andrea Conway

Ezine Articles - Expert AuthorIn her book Do Less, Achieve More, Chin-Ning Chu recalls Carl Jung’s tale of the Rainmaker, who came to a village that had suffered from drought for five terrible years. On the fifth day after the Rainmaker showed up and retired to his private tent, the village was drenched in life-giving rain. When asked how he had accomplished this great miracle, the Rainmaker explained, “When I arrived the first thing I noted was that everything in your village was out of harmony with heaven. So I spent four days putting myself into harmony with the Divine. Then the rains came.”

Based on my personal experience and that of my clients and students, the Rainmaker story is no mere fairy tale. It is an accurate explanation of what creates success under any and all circumstances: harmonizing oneself with the Divine. Once you achieve this harmony, success must follow.

But harmony with the Divine is not necessarily the easiest state to maintain, especially when financial or other pressures seem to be controlling your life. Because I know first-hand how difficult it can be–and how these difficulties can be overcome–I decided to publish Successful Self Employment (SSE) News. It is designed to help you get into harmony and stay there long enough to be successful in any economy–and by “successful,” I mean “making lots of money.”

SSE News may be for you if:

  • You are interested in starting, maintaining, revitalizing or expanding your own business.
  • You find yourself feeling increasingly doubtful or worried about success in these uncertain economic times.
  • You may have tried various “sure-fire” systems or programs for making money, but they fizzled out for you.
  • Whether or not you follow a formal religion, you acknowledge the existence of a divine power or supreme intelligence.
  • You’d like to run your business based on your highest principles, including your spiritual values.
  • You want your business to express the best of who you are, while making you all the money you desire.

If you answered “yes” to at least 3 of the above questions, SSE News can help you become the life-giving Rainmaker to your own business. Published by email every other Friday, SSE News offers inspiration, recommendations, success stories, and pointers to products you can use to re-connect with your divine essence.

You have nothing to lose but your doubts, because SSE News is free to subscribers.

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