Law of Attraction Coaching with Andrea Conway  – for Spiritual Entrepreneurs Only!

For  solopreneurs and small business owners who care about spiritual values in business,  Law of Attraction coaching with Andrea Conway can help you transcend the real and often stressful world of business. Standard business coaching rarely works for you because it doesn’t honor your spiritual core.

Nor does the superficial Law of Attraction advice to “Think about what you want and you’ll get it” solve such spiritual entrepreneur challenges as:

Certified Coach - Coach Training Alliance• exhausting work days
• frantic marketing
• zero time for spirituality
• chronic stress and overwhelm
• lack of a clear vision and plan
• pressures of a weak economy

And the biggest challenges of them all: bringing in sufficient income to support yourself and your family, and making a true contribution to others – in the way you’ve always dreamed you would.

Law of Attraction coaching with Andrea Conway is different. You receive a balance of practical business help gleaned from Andrea’s 23-year career as a marketing executive, combined with her deep understanding of your calling to integrate spirit into your work in the world. Andrea has been a practitioner of the Law of Attraction and spirituality in business since 1989 and has used this universal law to build two 6-figure businesses.


You may qualify for a free Law of Attraction coaching session with me.
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Marcia YudkinI turned to Andrea when I wanted the next level of success.
“Andrea is terrific at listening and probing, and her coaching produces helpful insights because she works from a solid understanding of how the way you think about something interacts with the results you get from the universe. I turned to her when I wanted to reach the next level of success in my business, and she has helped me find my footing again when I felt unsure. I now feel confident and directed and plan to continue working with Andrea to stay on track.”—Marcia Yudkin (
Author of 11 books, self-employed for 28years
Brian RaynorI couldn’t have connected with a better coach than Andrea.
“I’m pinching myself— I have an honest to God fully functioning business doing what I totally believe in! Though I’d had a successful corporate career, I had never owned a business. In launching my Whole Life fitness training business, I looked for the right coach. My goal was to avoid the common mistakes that new business owners make. But I didn’t want just any business coach— my biggest concern was finding a coach who would really ‘get’ who I am and what I believe about fitness. I couldn’t have connected with a better coach than Andrea. She consistently encourages me to create my business so that’s it’s a true expression of who I am and what I offer. Andrea also helps me with the practical questions like what marketing activities make sense for me (or don’t), and she helps me solve new solopreneur puzzles such as business networking and hiring an accountant. Most important: I’ve seen that stepping into the mindset of a successful business owner takes some practice, and Andrea helps me move gracefully through obstacles and confusion. In just 6 months I’ve taken my fitness client load to 2/3 full and I now make a living doing what I love. Plus, I have a clear plan to continue adding clients and expanding. Fitness training is what I’ve always wanted to do, and now I have a real business doing it!”
—Brian Raynor
Sundar KadayamAndrea’s questions and comments are incredibly helpful.
“She consistently cuts through to the one tiny thing that I need to become aware of in order to expand. I’m now consistently calmer, running my start-up company in a more peaceful, aligned way. In the past week, I successfully acquired a major new investor, generated interest among a group of other potential investors, and created a solution to keep a key technical person with us, rather than leave us for a job elsewhere. I was amazed at what I was able to handle and accomplish without old fears stopping me. As a result of the inner work that Andrea’s coaching has inspired me to do, I feel grace working with me and through me. And my company now has enough investment capital to see us through the next 12 months.”
Sundar Kadayam, Founder and CEO

As a small business entrepreneur, you need and deserve small business coaching that goes beyond tracking sheets and accountability discussions. Way beyond.

You need to harness the power of Law of Attraction to make everything in your business more harmonious — and more profitable.

Whole being attraction coaching — the style that’s made me one of the best Law of Attraction coaches out there, particularly when it comes to small business coaching — makes all the difference.

Paula Diaco “Andrea, I use your suggestions and insights every day and have a clearer direction and increased faith that all is well. Your gift of clarity and depth of knowledge about the ways of the universe really helped us during the economic downturn. Our last two months here at SignARama have been very, very good in many ways. Sales are way up, we’re getting our policies and procedures in order to position ourselves for the next level of growth, and money is flowing. Life is good!”—Paula Diaco (
You may qualify for a free Law of Attraction coaching session with me.
Read the Coaching FAQ to find out how.

What’s Different about Successful Self Employment Law of Attraction Coaching?

1. You can expect genuine breakthroughs in every session because we focus on your barriers and challenges right this minute.

2. You learn to connect with your “Soul Power” — the eternal and divine part of you that’s not way up there in heaven or higher planes but is right here right now to assist you with whatever you face.

3. You benefit from my 20+ career in attraction marketing — from working with solopreneurs and startups to huge multinational corporations marketing on the Internet as well as through traditional approaches.

4. You heal the rift between mind and soul, business and spirituality. Purely spiritual approaches to business too easily encourage wishful thinking as a substitute for action. On the other hand, purely action-oriented approaches over-emphasize willpower and effort, leaving you exhausted. With SSE Law of Attraction coaching you move into balance. You combine the inspired perspective of your soul with a practical, action-oriented and effective path to success.

Tom RauschAndrea’s insight, intuition, and focus help me move forward.“Andrea, I always look forward to my sessions with you and never fail to come away feeling that I have made major progress on my toughest problems and challenges. I’ve had other coaches, and I can really appreciate how your unique combination of insight, intuition and unwavering focus help me move forward. You are an indispensible contributor to the growth of my latest business. Thank you for helping me prepare to close my new consulting firm’s first $1m deal. No CEO should be without a coach, and I’m so glad you are on my team!”
Tom Rausch, Principal & Executive Coach
Leadership Beyond Limits LLC>
You may qualify for a free Law of Attraction coaching session with me.
Read the Coaching FAQ to find out how.

My background as a Law of Attraction Coach

  • Certified life coach, Coach Training Alliance (2006)
  • Masters degree in Human Resources Development, Boston University (1989)
  • Taught “Spirituality in Business” at adult education centers/conferences in Massachusetts and New Mexico (1992-2000)
  • Independent marketing consultant to tech industry startups and Fortune 100 leading firms (1992-2007)
  • Full-time Law of Attraction coaching to small business entrepreneurs (2007-present)

I help you master the Law of Attraction to create success on your terms.

Using spirituality and the Law of Attraction isn’t about wishing and hoping. It’s about results. As the owner of my own marketing consulting firm since 1992, I know how to work with you as a partner in your success. You’ll have my years of experience to draw on, not only in running a business myself but also as a consultant to and former manager in Fortune 100 corporations.

Linda ParkerAndrea, all your teleclasses and coaching have changed my life.“When I started working with you I knew I wanted to launch a business while working full-time and being a wife and mother. I had no idea how it could happen or even what kind of business to start. Online? Offline? Network marketing? Selling other people’s products? Selling my products? It was all unknown and confusing. Thanks to your practical, straightforward and trustworthy advice, and all the tools you’ve given me, I now have a business on the internet and I love it. I’ve moved from feeling confused and overwhelmed to feeling clear, confident and excited. Your insights and approach to marketing spiritually are so powerful. I’ve learned to connect with my inner being, learned to trust my feelings. You’ve consistently inspired me to go for my heart’s desire, and it feels great to do it! I look forward to every coaching session and can’t thank you enough.”—Linda Parker
Russ Busa“I listened to Andrea’s ’10 Easy Habits that Attract Success Now’ teleclass and knew I had to talk with her about coaching. Within 24 hours of my first session, I went from frustrated, powerless and worried about my business to enthusiastic and back in charge. At the time my home construction business had been in a slump for a few months. During my first coaching session with Andrea, we created a detailed marketing action plan. Even more important, she explained how I could connect to spirit on a daily basis — and why it was extremely important for me to do that. Within 3 days of my first coaching session I ‘coincidentally’ met a serious new prospect for a major building project. One month after starting coaching I’m working 12 excellent leads — all this in a weak economy. The best part is — no matter what happens I have learned exactly how to get back to my core of inner peace. This skill is priceless. I’ve now witnessed the amazing coincidences that occur to help me — as long as I stay connected to spirit. If you’re not getting traction in your business, the first thing I would tell you to do is talk to Andrea.”
—Russ Busa, president
Sterling Homes, Burlington MA

I’ve incorporated business and spirituality into coaching and consulting since the early 1990s, having studied personally with “Awakening Your Light Body” channels Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer.

I’ve also personally experienced in-depth Jungian analysis, “The Work” with Byron Katie, more than 30 years of daily meditation practice, and 20-something years of listening to and attending Abraham-Hicks workshops to learn “The Secret” Law of Attraction.

SSE Law of Attraction Coaching Is Guaranteed!

Your satisfaction is my primary concern. That’s why I offer a guarantee on all coaching packages. Plus the first 21 days of any package are completely risk free.

Each package includes phone sessions (45 minutes each), between-session homework, email follow up and more. You feel 100% supported as you skyrocket to new levels of business results.

Joy CipolettiI’m amazed at how much changed for me during just a 10-session program! The big result is I have clarity about my career: I’ve added an entirely new business that I’m excited and passionate about. It truly feels like what I am called to do next. “I used Andrea’s program to get clear on a new direction for my business and  to create better work-life balance and more enjoyment in my business and personal life (I’m the single mom of three children). Working with Andrea was totally different from any counseling or career coaching I’d tried before. She’s very practical and focused on results. She didn’t try to plug me into an existing career – she helped me see that my next career move was about creating something new and personally perfect for me.  And it was OK that neither of us knew what that was at the outset.  No matter how many times I got stuck figuring out what that “something new” might be, Andrea always offered suggestions and encouragement. I felt that she was not only resourceful but that she always believed in me. My beliefs about money also shifted as a result of the Fire Up program. After my divorce, I felt money was always short, and I experienced a great deal of money fear. Andrea helped me step into levels of peace and trust. Instead of going into fear about money challenges (including an unexpected tax bill and the high tuition for my daughter’s first-choice college), I learned how to stay more peaceful. It’s stunning what options open up from that. The taxes were paid with no hardship, and my daughter will be attending her first choice school. I also have new daily practices that add more balance and peace to my life. Andrea helped me discover that I can ASK the universe for what I want, including a more even flow of consulting projects and more interesting assignments. It works!”—Joy Cipoletti
Alison ElliottI have steady client work, along with adequate and predictable cash flow – and the potential to bring in more. My average monthly income has tripled! “During the 6 years I’ve owned my online marketing consulting business, finances were a constant concern. My goal in creating the business was to be a stay at home mom – and also bring in income to supplement my husband’s salary. Though I always had work and clients, managing the cash flow never stopped being stressful. Because I’ve studied the Law of Attraction, I knew there had to be a better way, and when I decided to coach with Andrea, she helped me find it. Today I have steady client work, along with adequate and predictable cash flow – and the potential to bring in more income. My average monthly income has tripled. What amazing relief for me and my family! But the big news is: I released most of my money stress – and experienced greater peace of mind about finances – before my client work and income increased. New work and income began to flow in almost immediately. Honestly, it was not always easy to believe in what I could not yet see. But with Andrea’s encouragement and confidence in me and in the Law of Attraction, I did it. Because of this experience, I know I have the choice to remain peaceful and connected to spirit no matter what happens around me. This is the only true insurance policy! Andrea’s combined expertise in marketing and the Law of Attraction made a priceless difference to me and my business.”— Alison Elliott
You may qualify for a free Law of Attraction coaching session with me.
Read the Coaching FAQ to find out how.

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Coaching FAQ

Mari McCarthyMy website is becoming an attraction magnet for perfect clients.”Andrea’s coaching blends practical Law of Attraction techniques with solid marketing advice. I’ve used both to great advantage over the past year. In business, I learned how to turn my website into an attraction magnet for perfect clients. On the personal front, I released two music CDs and am working on a third…and my singing has never felt freer. I especially appreciate that Andrea taught me how to connect with my inner being – the source of all creativity. Andrea’s coaching helps creative business owners close the gap between artistry and success.”
—Mari L. McCarthy, singer, writer, writing therapist
Chris VasiliadisI feel I’ve found a true business partner in Andrea.“As a coach, Andrea is a treasure! Effectively combining her Law of Attraction wisdom with her business sense, Andrea’s key questions and techniques helped me regain the focus and clarity I needed to grow my business and thrive. She also helped me let go of certain things and tame the gremlins that popped up. As we worked together, Andrea expertly adjusted her approach as needed, based on my pace in both moving forward and in leveraging my connection to the Universe. I feel I’ve found a true business partner in Andrea: her actions demonstratee her sincere commitment to my success & happiness.”—Chris Vasiliadis, Certified Wellness Coach