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Law of Attraction Coaching with Andrea Conway  – Frequently Asked Questions

What does Law of Attraction have to do with coaching? 
Being a universal principle, Law of Attraction is worth understanding in any business or personal endeavor. It’s easier to get results when you know how to align with what you want and draw it to you. My spiritual entrepreneur clients have the desire to understand and cooperate with this universal law in order to attract more customers, success, and happiness to their work.

What does a Law of Attraction coach actually do? 
What I do as a Law of Attraction coach for business is: help you learn to attract more of what you want, consciously, deliberately and in alignment with your highest values. I work with clients on two tracks:

1 – The Internal Track – this is where you learn to understand your apparent blocks and business setbacks through the eyes of spirit and the Law of Attraction.  Instead of feeling crushed and disappointed (“Is the universe telling me I’m on the wrong path?”) you discover how to view the so-called setbacks in your life and business through the loving energy of spirit. You learn that your destiny is success and you understand why this is  true and how to allow yourself to believe it. Instead of trying to get what you want you become a natural magnet to it.

2 – The External Track – if you want to own a successful business, you’re going to have to learn the arts of business including marketing and sales. But you do not ever have to do any kind of marketing or sales that feels sleazy or manipulative. I teach you the principles of Soul Power Marketingtm so you experience the power of aligning with spirit first and then taking the inspired action that leads to success.

Who are your typical clients?
I typically coach spiritual entrepreneurs  with 2-20 years of business experience who have attained a measure of success and are now ready to take their business to the next level. My clients generally own businesses that express their personal inventiveness and the spiritual principles they desire to incorporate into their businesses. Among my clients are start-up entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, consultants, writers and graphic designers. They tend to have deep spiritual values but aren’t looking for general Law of  Attraction coaching. They choose to work with a Law of Attraction coach who also has deep experience in business, sales and marketing.

Do you ever coach beginners at self employment?
Yes, I coach beginners if they’ve had prior business experience in their careers and want to create a spiritual business that has soul meaning for them.

Do you coach people with franchise or network marketing businesses? 
Occasionally. What I find is that most network marketing businesses and franchises offer training or coaching within their business model, and these resources are attuned to the specific business in a way that I, an outsider, am not.

Why do I need a Law of Attraction coach for my business?
A quality of successful people is they always look to improve. They get coached in order to identify their goals, focus on them and attain them. In the same way that you get fit faster by working with a personal trainer, you achieve business success faster by working with a coach who understands the realities of business.  As a Law of Attraction coach with extensive marketing experience – in corporate executive positions and as a self-employed corporate marketing consultant and small business marketing coach for more than 20 years – I help you accelerate results as a spiritual entrepreneur. As my client you discover how to align spirit,  mind and heart to successfully market your  business to growing numbers of clients who are thrilled to work with you and pay you what you desire and deserve.

What’s the best way to get more information?
Please apply apply for a free 30-minute “Fire Up Your Business” Law of Attraction coaching session with me. Even if you don’t qualify for a session, please know that I respond to every application personally.  (Be sure to check your “junk” mail folder for the application as emails can go astray). I would love to hear from you!  Learn more