Law of Attraction coach Andrea Conway helps spiritual entrepreneurs receive the income they like from the businesses they love, by animating their soul power. This has been her purpose-driven business since 2002.

Andrea has been a successful spiritual entrepreneur and voice for spirituality in business for 22 years.  In 1989 “by accident” she came across the Abraham-Hicks teachings on the Law of Attraction and felt inspired to follow her inner knowing:: she deeply wanted to become a successful entrepreneur and a teacher of other entrepreneurs desiring to create spiritually authentic businesses.

By 1992 Andrea had walked away from her high-tech corporate marketing career to start her first business as a consultant.  No paycheck, no 401K, no year-end bonus, no paid vacation. What she did have was a big new mortgage on an antique home across from the ocean on Boston’s North Shore. She still remembers leaving  corporate  as “unimaginably scary.”

Andrea went on to create two highly profitable 6-figure businesses including her current Law of Attraction coaching practice . Today her passion is sharing her expertise with other spiritual entrepreneurs and helping them thrive in business.

If you’re an entrepreneur or want to be one, take heart. Andrea has walked in your shoes, lived your struggles, and shared your dreams of making a living in a way that integrates spiritual values and success. She knows it’s never too late to begin your business  – or to create phenomenal success in any area of life. Andrea also  knows the real-world pitfalls of creating a business and how crushing the disappointments can be. Guiding you over and around the inevitable traps and land mines is her expertise and her gift.

Andrea has a master’s degree in Human Resources Training & Development and in 2006 became a certified life coach specializing in using the Law of Attraction in business.

She has taught and coached thousands of spiritual entrepreneurs in  in seven countries and is also the creator of The Ultimate Attraction Marketing System Home Study course for spiritual entrepreneurs.

A transplant from the northeast, Andrea thrives in the southwestern sunshine. She grew up in New York and lived for many years in Boston. One day in 1995 she realized her successful international consulting business would allow her to live anywhere, a flash of insight that led her to New Mexico.

Today Andrea lives in Colorado to enjoy the  company of her soul mate, John, another ex-Bostonian whom she met out west in 2003. After hiking for years in New England (“ideal if you manage to get that rare day without rain, black flies and mosquitoes”), she finds southwestern hiking to be “Nirvana.”

Andrea blogs on the Law of Attraction and spirituality in business at

 “The intention I hold for my clients is for them to live from their authentic inner power and create their business from that place.”   -Andrea Conway