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Usin g the Law of Attraction to Fire Up your Business Success!

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"Andrea, You have just given me such a great gift with your free e-report, and I am forever grateful that the angels led me to it. I know that I am on a journey of self-discovery and have had blockages of major consequences. Now I'm accessing my own knowing and am ready to stop living small. Thank you for your wisdom and desire to share it with the world. "
       —Beverly Ameykeller, CEO/VP Vision and Development
          Compositions International, Inc


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"Your latest newsletter was another gem. Kudos!"

       --Sundar Kadayam, CEO, technology entrepreneur and Reiki teacher

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"I'd seen 'The Secret' but still didn't completely get Law of Attraction, especially how to use it. Then I found your website and downloaded your free report. Wow. I got it! And it's been changing my life ever since. Your report makes the puzzle pieces fit. Thank you."
—Joe Costa , Executive Marketing Associate Platinum One Destinations

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"For years now, SSE News has not only inspired me but reminded me of the ever-present choice between aligning my vibration or taking action without alignment. SSE News is a smooth read that keeps me on track! The Law of Attraction has worked wonders in my life. "
       —Theresa Haney, LCAT, ADTR

          Team Northrup Leader


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"I gain truth and wisdom from every article."
       —Shannon Walsh, president

             Alchemy Professional Services

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