by Andrea Conway, Law of Attraction Marketing Coach

In this attraction-based universe, the Law of Attraction links us with circumstances, people and events that match our energy. Whether you want more clients or a different kind of client, the key is to amp up your energy for them first. Here are two fast and simple Law of Attraction exercises to do daily that shift your energy in the direction of what you desire in your business.

#1 – The “To Feel” List.

I first learned this from Abraham-Hicks but haven’t heard them mention it in many years. Still, it’s one of my absolute favorite Law of Attraction exercises because it’s fast and simple.

You can do it anytime, but it’s most effective first thing in the morning. That’s because while we sleep, we re-connect to the part of us that is eternal — whether you call it your inner being, soul, higher self, etc. When we awaken, we have a 60-90 minute window when we can most easily access our connection to spirit.

What it does: It sets your vibrational tone for the day, telling the Law of Attraction what you want.

Why it matters:  If you jump out of bed and turn on the TV news, get involved in your kids’ morning routines or rush to read your email, the world will sweep you back into the spell of worry, doubt and fear. But not if you write your To Feel List first. I recommend you write it first thing. Keep a pad of paper and pen by your bed, and get into the habit of reaching for it as soon as the alarm sounds. (That said, it’s better to do this exercise anytime of the day, rather than not do it at all.)

How to do it:
a) Write at the top of a piece of paper, “Today I want to feel.”
b) Then, without thinking about it too much, just let yourself write whatever comes to you.
c) Read your list over and decide if you want to add to or edit it.
d) You may find yourself writing general statements, such as “I want to feel happy, prosperous,  safe, enthusiastic.”
e) You can also write specific statements to do with something coming up later in the day. For example: “I want to feel excellent rapport with all my clients during our meetings today.” Or: “I want to feel enthusiastic and confident about my work.”
g) Don’t forget your personal life too: “I want to feel love and appreciation for my partner.” “I want to feel inspired to exercise and eat healthy food.”

Why this is not the same as writing affirmations:  The difference has to do with contradiction. When you write “I want to feel peaceful,” there’s nothing in your mind to contradict that statement. But if you were to write an affirmation, “I feel peaceful,” — and you didn’t feel peaceful — you might trigger mental conflict that leads to resistance.

With affirmations, you try to control your mind to produce certain results. The act of trying to control often triggers conflict in our minds. Example: we want to be healthy but we skip exercising. These conflicts cause resistance (which we experience as negative emotion) — and resistance prevents us from receiving what we want.

Resistance is like turning off a light switch. You impede the normal flow of energy, and the light goes off.

With the To Feel exercise, you write only about how you want to feel. Not about how you actually feel, not about what you will do, and not about what you want others to feel or do. It’s only about you and your statements of how you want to feel. Thus, no conflicts arise, and no resistance is experienced. The energy continues to flow, unimpeded.

You’re on the right track when: You notice as you finish writing your To Feel list, that you already feel lighter, freer, happier.

Mastery Tip: Review your list at the end of the day and make the connection between what you asked for and how your day went. If you do this exercise as instructed for 3-4 days in a row, expect to notice Law of Attraction responding to what you want to feel. Doing this exercise regularly gives you first-hand experience of how the Law of Attraction responds to your desires.

#2 – The Heart Light Matrix.

Another quick and simple Law of Attraction exercise to amp up your client attraction power. Add this to your morning routine after the To Feel list, or do it any other time of day. Just remember to do it!

What it does:  Creates a heart-to-heart connection between you and your current, past and future clients.  Because everything that exists in the physical world also exists as energy, you can connect with your clients using energy even when they aren’t present physically.

Why it matters: If you don’t see evidence of enough customers for your business right now, it’s easy to go into doubt about your offering and fear and worry about your future.  Creating a Heart Light Matrix gives you the sense that limitless numbers of customers are available to you. It helps you vibrate with the energy of abundance and confidence, rather than lack and self doubt. Then the Law of Attraction works to match you up with customers who also resonate abundance and confidence.

How to do it:
a) Sit quietly. If soft music or other sounds like bells help you focus your attention, play them, but it’s not required.
b) Put your attention on your heart chakra in the center of your chest. The chakras, related to the energy meridian system used in acupuncture, are places where energy comes into the physical body. The heart chakra, also known as the 4th chakra, governs the energy of love.
c) Notice the heart chakra area. You may not feel anything, especially at first. But with time, most people report feelings of tingling, warmth, energy moving, waves of energy etc. Don’t be concerned if you don’t feel anything, just keep your attention on the center of your chest.
d) Imagine a beam of light emerging from your heart chakra and moving out of your chest. You don’t have to force the beam, just allow it to naturally emerge.
e) Watch the beam connecting to the heart lights of your past, current and future customers. You don’t have to know who they are or where they are or how they will come to you. The heart light beam works by Law of Attraction to find the exact right ones.
f) Continue watching as your heart light beam forms a matrix of heart light with all the others you can serve. There is no limit to the size of our matrix — allow yourself to open, effortlessly, to hundreds, thousands, millions of connections.
g) When the energy naturally stops expanding, begin to take your heart light back into your heart chakra. Bring it all back in so your energy isn’t floating around the universe without you.
h) Choose to believe that the connections you have made are real and that the universe knows exactly how to bring these clients to you in the perfect way and the perfect time. Because it does.

You’re on the right track when: You feel a sense of peace, expansion, and possibility.

Mastery Tip:  When you complete the exercise take another moment to bask in the feeling of loving connection. Then move into the next thing in your day. If you notice any thoughts later on such as “Well, where are they,” or “When will I see them,” remind yourself that “how” and “when” are not your job. How and when are handled by spirit working through the Law of Attraction. With practice you not only enjoy the Heart Light Matrix, you also build your trust in the universe and witness customers responding to your amped up client attraction power.


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