by Andrea Conway, Law of Attraction Marketing Coach

Spiritual entrepreneurship is quietly and steadily on the rise. Many of the gentle souls called to this path question whether they can really make a soul-driven business successful. My mission is to tell you YES, you can.

But first: are you a spiritual entrepreneur? Here are the 7 signs

  1. As a spiritual entrepreneur you feel called to serve others and make their lives better in a meaningful way. Plus, you have decided to create this service as a business. There’s really nothing else you would rather do with your career: this is it. While your mind may question whether you can find success, your heart and soul are whispering to you: go ahead.
  1. You have the ability to empathize strongly with your tribe.  Spiritual entrepreneurs totally get how their tribes feel and intuitively know what will help them. You may even have been inspired to create your business when you found your way through a difficult period – now you want to help others who suffer or struggle with the same issue by showing them an easier or healthier way.
  1. You admire other spiritual entrepreneurs in your field very much, and you read their books and perhaps attend their events. For example, if you’re called to help in the area of personal development, you may feel very drawn to people like Oprah, Wayne Dyer, Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle and others. You consider what they do immensely important and helpful to the world.
  1. You have overcome personal challenges in your life. The challenge of dealing with personal difficulties often becomes the catalyst for helping others through creating your business. This is especially likely to be true if your challenges arose between your teen years through your 30s or 40s, when your life is affected most – though you can be catalyzed at any age, for example Helen Keller had a sense of her mission very earlier on. Spiritual entrepreneurs often turn their challenges into opportunities for spiritual growth and want to share this healing perspective with others.
  1. You may or may not be formally religious, but your spiritual life and connection are supremely important to you. You’re deeply interested in spiritual ideas and practices, and you desire to conduct your life and your business according to spiritual values. Your ideal is to create a successful business steeped in spiritual principles.
  1. Unless you’ve already had a career in business, you aren’t likely to be interested in traditional paths of business creation, such as getting an M.B.A. or funding a start-up.  However, if you’ve gotten training in Yoga, bodywork, holistic health or similar field as examples, you may be interested in opening a studio or practice. Otherwise, you’re may be looking to do something for which there are few existing models. If you’ve been floundering trying to figure out the specific steps to creating your business, you are not alone.
  1. You tend to be a sensitive person, highly aware of other people’s responses. This is a blessing and a challenge! It’s a blessing in that you easily offer empathy to people who need it. Understanding the pain of others comes naturally to you and inspires you toward solutions. But the flip side is you may face personal growth challenges such as: not wanting to charge money, not fully believing in the power of your work to help, being reluctant to do marketing or sales, tending to feel easily hurt by others,  lacking in confidence and too reliant on the responses of others to determine how you feel about yourself. These challenges can all be moved through – they are a perfect part of your soul path of creating your business. But until you permanently attain a higher perspective on them, they can keep you in self-doubt and lack of action.

If at least 4 of the 7 signs resonate with you, welcome to Spiritual Entrepreneurship.

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