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while mastering the cure for "not enough clients"

Discover how to work with the laws of the universe to create an extra $2000, $5000, $9,000 or MORE a month in income - without working to exhaustion - starting right now

Let me show you a life-changing and affordable attraction marketing system that any solopreneur or small business owner can learn from home - with personal help from me...

Dear friend and spiritual entrepreneur:

If you've owned your business for a while, you may have noticed: the business you launched with such great excitement and hopes has become little more than a frantic daily scramble to bring in enough income.

Even if you've applied yourself to studying the Law of Attraction and other success "secrets," the truth is: you're discouraged.

Instead of relaxed time freedom and more opportunities to enjoy your family, friends, and leisure activities, you're constantly stressed out - because you're never done with marketing and sales.

No matter how much you do, it's never enough.

Sometimes you feel so burned out, you stop promoting your business altogether.

Instead of building a solid financial foundation, you're still trading hours for dollars - with no hope in sight of creating true wealth.

In spite of your commitment to service, your personal integrity, your authentic spirituality, your willingness to work hard, and your intelligence, you sometimes feel doomed to drudgery and struggle

Deep inside, you know you were meant for a far more satisfying life than this...and you're correct - you were!

What if you knew exactly how to surf the Vortex of success and abundance in your business?   

What if you could find a better way to serve more clients, attract more income, and own a successful, thriving business you LOVE?

Imagine yourself attracting legions of eager customers who don't have to be "sold" - because they already know they want what you offer?

If it feels like I'm reading your mind, you are in the right place at the right time to make a true transformation in your business. 

Here's why:

You probably already know that most traditional approaches to marketing and sales will not work for you as a spiritual entrepreneur. They feel manipulative and sleazy. 

That's why you've been searching for a high-integrity marketing system based on the Universal Law of Attraction principles you already believe in. 

You've watched or read "The Secret" and other LoA information - and you intuitively know that this way of approaching life and business in partnership with spirit is for you

You already "get it": attraction marketing is built on the principle of drawing your perfect clients to you - it's not about chasing after everyone, hoping someone - anyone - will hire you.

You've asked the universe to send you the key to unleashing a steady stream of success and abundant income.

What that means is...

It's no accident you're here.

As you read this page to the end, you find yourself moving closer to everything you desire, starting right now.

There is a manifesto or bill of rights for attraction marketers - it's your declaration of independence from business slavery...

1 - You CAN say good-bye to work that numbs your mind and stifles your soul - whether that work is done in your own business or at a job you can't stand doing another minute.

2 - You CAN release the struggle and endless uphill battle to succeed.

3 - You CAN attract an ample, abundant income doing work that you LOVE.

4 - You CAN do business ONLY with customers who appreciate your products and services - happy clients who can't get enough of what you offer.

5 - You CAN master the universal principle of attraction in marketing and discover how to apply it to your life and business consciously - so you receive what you want more quickly and with more ease than you ever thought possible.

6 - You CAN stop being a 24x7 slave to your business, slowly becoming buried alive in an avalanche of marketing and sales activities that bring you meager results and little fulfillment.

7 - You CAN step into the abundant life of your dreams - starting right here, right now.

When you allow my words of hope to touch your mind and heart, you instantly release resistance - and take a significant step toward everything you've been asking for


"Now I know: there's a supply for everyone. I can choose to trust this and follow my intuition. When I follow my heart in giving a yes or a no, it's amazing what opens up: an opportunity to create a community center, an incredible advertising offer, more customers coming in, a sense of expanded community.  Some of the classic success teachers strike me as rigid. Andrea teaches the same principles but with a gentleness that makes everything click. Buying The Ultimate Attraction Marketing System was absolutely the best money I have spent on my own understanding of being a spiritual entrepreneur."

-Marie Starjnski, with her mom and co-owner

 New Moon Haven (Tucson AZ)

Here's the story of how it all fell into place for me...

My name is Andrea Conway. Since 2002 I've been the attraction marketing coach-mentor to spiritual entrepreneurs ready to attract the income they like from the businesses they love. 

I'm also the creator of THE ULTIMATE ATTRACTION MARKETING SYSTEM you're about to discover.

Andrea Conway

In 1992 I walked away from my corporate product marketing position in a top computer firm to start my first business, and I never looked back.

I began my home-based marketing consulting firm with no generous bail-out package, no savings cushion, and no high-earning, supportive spouse.

In fact, my then-husband and I had just bought a new house, an antique home across from the ocean in Beverly, Massachusetts, and our monthly mortgage payment seemed staggering.

Not only was my spouse not supportive, he was downright angry that I'd walked away from a so-called "secure" job. (There isn't any such thing, as you probably know!) He also worked but his salary was about half what mine was.

Was I scared to leave my job? YES. 

But I had something important going for me: I was 100% committed to working with the Law of Attraction and following inner guidance.

I knew that this universal law was the key to my future - its power was obvious to me the first time I came across it "by accident" - through the material of Esther and Jerry Hicks and Abraham way back in 1989.

Since then Law of Attraction had become the constant in everything I did in business and life. It gave me the courage to go out on my own (and it does take courage as you well know).

From my first month of self-employment, my income already equaled that of my monthly corporate wages - and a couple of years later I was bringing in just shy of $250,000 a year.

Since that time I've been 100% successfully and happily self-employed

I've received a comfortable income that has allowed me to invest in real estate, travel to many parts of the world, take 5 weeks of vacation of year, and possess the financial capacity to help several organizations I believe in. 

Today I no longer work as a marketing consultant to large corporations but am 100% devoted to helping small business owners succeed through attraction marketing. 

Although my former husband and I parted ways not long after my career shift, I was blessed in 2003 to meet the only man I have ever called my "soul mate" - not surprisingly John has been self employed for decades.


The inspiration struck in 2009. Corporate layoffs and other signs of economic upheaval had pushed thousands of people into business ownership who were under the gun to be successful - and do it quickly.

Thanks in part to watching "The Secret," many of these new business owners were also looking for help from the universe in creating their success.

I knew that I had a message of hope and practical advice to offer. It was time for me to reach out to new spiritual entrepreneurs who were starting businesses with great anticipation but often experiencing disappointing results. 

It was also clear to me that the traditional ways of marketing - through fear and manipulation - were no longer effective. People today are too well-informed to put it up with. I saw that Marketing was just one more dysfunctional corporate, government and economic system that wasn't working.

One day in meditation I suddenly realized that a new approach to marketing was emerging based on conscious application of the Law of Attraction. The name that came to my mind was: Soul Power Marketingtm 

Soul Power Marketing was a complete 180 from the old school Mad Men manipulative style, or "old power" marketing. 

In the same way I knew I'd never again smoke a Camel or set my hair in curlers, I knew that marketing through old power was over

That's when I gathered and systematized the attraction-based marketing principles that had made me successful in business since 1992

After introducing my methods to a few private clients and seeing their amazing success with it, I decided to create a simple home study course that any business owner could learn at her own pace. Since introducing the course in early 2010, I have completely revised it twice.  

You now possess the key to creating the business of your dreams with....

THE ULTIMATE ATTRACTION MARKETING SYSTEM: 7 Steps to attract more clients, money and success to your small business starting today

Abundant clients and your thriving business do NOT depend on the economy

Abundance in business depends on knowing how to co-create in an attraction-based universe

Because I've created two 6-figure businesses AND experienced my share of frustration and failure along the way, I'm here with good news... 

You don't have to figure it all out on your own

I'm here to teach you, step-by-step, the secrets of marketing success using the Law of Attraction

Find everything you need in my ULTIMATE ATTRACTION MARKETING SYSTEM home study course - and it's on sale now!

Anne Berit Olsvik
"I just started The Ultimate Attraction Marketing System and finished the chapter on "Knowing Yourself As Soul." Even though I've had trouble meditating in the past, I decided to try Andrea's guided meditation. And I was amazed! I experienced a wonderful connection and received  an inner message that helped me release old energy that was holding me back.

Although I've had a successful consulting business for many years,  working with the Ultimate Attraction Marketing System immediately helped me feel ready to expand into greater accomplishments.
This is powerful material!"

-Anne Berit Olsvik, coach and consultant

Total Image, Norway

Angela Croft

"Before I found The Ultimate Attraction Marketing System, I knew I needed marketing help. But I was concerned that the usual approaches to marketing might conflict with my spiritual values.

Thankfully I discovered the truth: if you connect with your soul first, your marketing is in complete alignment with spirit. And you're actually more successful because of it.

Within a week of beginning The Ultimate Attraction Marketing System home study course, I attracted a huge opportunity to coach business leaders that has aligned me even more deeply with my soul purpose - and took me from scraping by to earning more than my previous full-time job.

As you work through the clear, accessible information in this system, it feels like wise, practical guidance that honors your spirit. This is definitely not the boot camp approach to success, I'm happy to say. Andrea shares her step-by-step, integrated approach in a nurturing way, with many examples from her extensive entrepreneurial and marketing background and her clients' experiences.

Her natural style made it easy for me to realize I could be a smart business person and be aligned with spiritual integrity too.

Even after completing the course, I return to the workbook regularly. It always gives me good reminders and soothes my soul as I confidently complete major marketing projects such as my new website.

If you're looking for a way to market your business successfully and with complete integrity, you have found it in The Ultimate Attraction Marketing System."

Angela Croft, MSW
CTA Certified Coach

Check out everything you can master when you own THE ULTIMATE ATTRACTION MARKETING SYSTEM ...

WORKBOOK MODULES                   Ultimate Attraction Marketing System Cover


How attraction marketing really works

3 characteristics of spiritual entrepreneurs

Discover the #1 obstacle for most spiritual entrepreneurs

Spiritual entrepreneurs and soul purpose

Why this system will work - even if you don't feel successful when you start

Step 1: Market (and Live) from the Power of Your Soul 

Introducing your Soul Power

Say good-bye to self-doubt and scarcity

Open & strengthen your soul connection through a powerful guided meditation

Understand the function of inspiration - and why you must trust it

Step 2: Activate the Keys to Receiving from the Universe

Blast through your obstacles to receiving

Learn how to eliminate conflicting beliefs so you receive more of what you want

Discover how to step into receiving with an open heart

Step 3: Access Your Business and Life Vision

Why you don't need to wait for a vision

Connecting (or re-connecting) to your vision - even if you think you don't have one

Secrets to following your vision

Step 4: Connect to Your Ideal Market

Your dislike of marketing and sales is a good thing!

Old Power vs. Soul Power marketing

The ONE question you must ask to create powerful marketing

Why you thrive when you market ONLY to ideal customers

Connecting with customers soul-to-soul

Step 5: Create Your Business Strategy: BE Attractive

Be attractive and act attractively: why you need both

Secrets of aligned action

You don't have to fix yourself!

Help-I've got a competitor

When old money beliefs are blocking you

Step 6: Create Your Business Strategy: ACT Attractively

Aligned Action: a powerful blend
7 action steps to launch or expand your business, including:
- time and dollars mastery
- calendar mastery
- marketing basics: company identity
- marketing basics: on-line marketing
- choosing a primary marketing vehicle
- how to start email marketing
- when and how to outsource
Are you taking enough aligned action in your business?

Step 7: Don't Sell Your Soul - Sell FROM Your Soul 

Sales: the most abhorred aspect of your business?
The real reason you avoid selling
Ways to sell that will work for you
Overcome every objection and push close every sale? (Not!)
Sales mastery as a spiritual practice

Final Words: Trust Your Soul's Perspective on Success

A "spiritual myth" you don't need to believe.

Mistakes happen - hallelujah!

Success: why it's the truth of who you are



1 - Online Delivery Module-by-Module + personal check-ins with me

When you purchase The Ultimate Attraction Marketing System,
the course workbook is delivered to you in 8 modules, one at a time.

As you complete each module, you check in with me by answering a few questions. I'll send you comments along with the next module to keep you going.

You also have immediate access to all of the course files, including the complete workbook, in the download center.

2 - Ten audios and transcripts

Each module is supported by additional materials - mp3 audios and pdf transcripts -  that add to your mastery of each step.
3 - Your Unique Ultimate Attraction Marketing Step-by-Step Plan  -

As you go through the modules, the workbook instructs you on how to take what you've just learned and transfer it into your unique marketing plan. 

Because the Marketing Plan is based on your specific business, it reveals in real time exactly what you need to do next - and it's also something I review and comment on as you complete each module.

4 - Access to our private Facebook page

Our new Ultimate Attraction Marketing System Facebook isthe place to ask anything about the course, anything about the Law of Attraction, and anything about marketing your business.

I'm the main moderator and respond to every question. In addition you have access to the collective wisdom of our expanding community - these are some of the kindest and most supportive spiritual entrepreneurs you will find, and they are creating success. 

Imagine giving yourself personal support from me and our Facebook  community as you master skill and confidence in Ultimate Attraction Marketing.

The missing piece in spiritual marketing training is here!

And so is the cure for "not enough clients."


"I signed up 6 new clients in 2 weeks... 

after joining the community and starting the Ultimate Attraction Marketing System home study course - definitely the best thing I've done recently for my business!"

- Nathalie Thorez coaching, France


"I have peace of mind and a full roster of clients" 

I bought this course in 2011 and then in 2013 I accepted Andrea's offer to add the community for ongoing contact. Wow am I glad I did. We were already doing well but after I joined the community we signed up two of our largest clients - big names in our field. 

- Leslie Goldberg, President, Qualityfax


"I'm finally starting to see the truth ...

What I desire for my business is what Spirit desires also; that how I want to share and what I want to share is an expression of Divine Love flowing through me."

- Jana Jopson

Coaching "Quiet" Entrepreneurs to Discover the Pace of Nature


"I love the new Commanding Success calls" 

The Ultimate Attraction Marketing community's newest feature, twice-monthly Commanding Success calls, helps me shift out of negativity and regain my focus and faith - in an instant! I'm so grateful we receive the recordings if we aren't on the live calls. Amazing support.

-Arianne Moore, Life coach for women


"Andrea has been my Law of Attraction in business  go to person since 2010! Each year since then my consulting income has gone up in spite of many upheavals in my industry."

Even though I'd previously taken the Ultimate Attraction Marketing System course (loved it!) and have access to Andrea through coaching, the idea of participating in a community of like-minded spiritual entrepreneurs with access to Andrea's input and support felt irresistibly wonderful - I said yes immediately.

- Joy Cipoletti, The Divorced Breadwinner


AND... the ULTIMATE ATTRACTION MARKETING SYSTEM comes with my 100% happiness guarantee

Buy now and use THE ULTIMATE ATTRACTION MARKETING SYSTEM for up to 60 days. Not satisfied for any reason? Ask for a full refund.



The Ultimate Attraction Marketing System home study course - module by module online delivery plus access to the download center containing all course modules, PDF reports, MP3 audios, and your step-by-step Marketing Action Plan. (Regular price: $697)

Also receive 6 bonuses as part of the course ...

Bonus #1 - MP3 audio of "Clear the Way for Prosperity" Hear marketing expert Marcia Yudkin interview me on creating avenues to receive prosperity in your business. Listening to this nterview could expand your success receptors! ($97 value)

Bonus #2 - Shoestring Branding for Coaches, Consultants and Other Professional Services Businesses -  Discover my simple, authentic and inexpensive ways to make your business stand out - without investing in expensive and often unnecessary branding programs.  ($49 value)

Bonus #3 - Joe Vitale on LoA in marketing - Hear Joe's perspective on the missing key in all self-help models and much more in this exclusive interview. Joe wrote the book on Spiritual Marketing and generously shares his expertise with us, his spiritual marketing colleagues.   ($97 value) 

Bonus #4 - Marcia Yudkin  Renowned worldwide for her marketing acumen and sound business advice, Marcia's free Marketing Minute newsletter is required reading for any savvy business owner. You can hire Marcia as a private consultant for hundreds of dollars an hour - or get some of her most incisive ideas on attraction marketing from this interview. ($97 value)

Bonus # 5 - Jan Stringer / Alan Hickman Perhaps you've read Jan's classic book Attracting Perfect Customers. If not, you'll want to after listening to this interview! This audio is crammed with great tips, including how to discover what our perfect customers really want, even if they can't or won't tell us. ($97 value)

Bonus # 6 Marty Marsh  Marketer extraordinaire, coach and Soul Proprietor Marty Marsh applies his trademark clarity to building the right marketing foundation that makes you irresistibly attractive. It's about knowing the basics, getting them right, getting them done (whew!) -- and best yet - doing them on your terms. ($97 value)

Total price of everything in your package if purchased separately: $1231

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