Andrea Conway
Andrea Conway
Attraction Marketing Coach-Mentor

Attention stressed-out entrepreneurs:

If you'd really love to just let go and relax into well being and abundance...

Join me for

An Awakened Business Breakthrough

Dear business colleague and friend:

There's a far more effective way than pressure and stress to create breakthroughs in your business.  

In fact, constantly stressing over your business is one of the least  product-covereffective ways to improve it. 

Anxious thoughts and feelings constantly pump the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline throughout your brain and body. 

You feel stuck in stress - and mentally you become less creative. Ugh!

Instead of relaxing into your natural business well being, most spiritual entrepreneurs I speak with are doing this instead...

  • Exhausting yourself. You work all the time. In fact, you are a likely to be a workaholic missing out on fun, relationships and other aspects of your ideal life - yet you still don't get the business results you long for.
  • Staying stuck in worry and fear. You constantly worry about money and success. Negative expectations have become your vibrational point of attraction. You know this isn't helping you, but you don't know how to break free of the worry pattern. 
  • Feeling confused and overwhelmed. You're just not sure where to focus for the best results so you bounce from one task to the next - and, though you rarely accomplish anything substantial, you still feel burned out at the end of the day.
  • Perfecting. Your pattern is to decide that whatever you create in your business just isn't good enough. So you scrap it and start over - and over - but never take it into the marketplace. 
  • Delaying action while you "fix" yourself. You frequently postpone action steps to accomplish more inner work so you can have what you want. (But somehow there's always more inner work to do...).
  • Comparing. You constantly judge yourself as less successful than others. You see them as way ahead of you and even blessed in some way that eludes you. (We are all equally and abundantly blessed but it's easy to lose sight of this.)

If you can relate to any of these devastating stress factors that prevent you from naturally relaxing into success, here are two things you must know about working with me that give my clients a rapid and tremendous breakthrough:

  • As a coach to spiritual entrepreneurs since 2002 - and an entrepreneur myself since 1992 - I have heard it all. I have lived it all.  Yes - I have personally lived - and overcome - the exact same business challenges you face. Every one of them!
  • Most important: Because I've discovered how to move through these obstacles, I can guide you to move through them too. In fact, I have helped well over a thousand private clients shift from fear and anxiety into the peace of mind and spiritual connection that attracts success.

While I sometimes wish I could individually coach every single one of you, I know that not everyone has the resources to invest in private coaching.

That's why I'm so excited to offer you a powerful and affordable alternative to long-term coaching with me: 

Your Awakened Business Breakthrough

This 7-week individual program with me combines three private coaching sessions (by phone or Skype) to expand your sense of connection to the universe AND identify specific goals.  Each session is 50 minutes. 

Week 1: Your first session results in a 30-day plan for your business and a closer connection to spirit. 

Week 4: Your second call gives us time to review progress and fine tune. 

Week 7: Your final call  wraps up the program and defines specific  next steps for you.

In between sessions we have a weekly email exchange that supports you in moving forward and staying accountable. 

During our Awakened Business Breakthrough sessions you discover how to to release the beliefs that hold you back while you also begin take new actions that bring the results you've always wanted. 

You experience how to work from a relaxed and connected focus, rather than from feeling stressed out and worried - and very separated from the Universe.

It is absolutely easy to shift from stress (separation from spirit) to relaxation (connection to spirit) quickly. I'm so certain you can learn to do this on our first session that the program comes with a guarantee (more about that in a moment).


It's time to Awaken your Business and...


turn your amazing self toward the light!       


"Andrea, thank you for guiding me through the tough spots I was going through with the ebb in my business.

Through your expert guidance and knowledge of how to connect people to the Vortex of abundance, my attitude changed and business came flowing in.

Within two weeks of starting your Awakened Business program, I was hired for three new long-term projects. You have moved me to a deeper connection of trust in the support system of the universe."

Terry Berland


"In 30 days I went from “never enough clients” to two new clients and a solid plan to generate ongoing income. Two months after that  my income had jumped ten times!"

During my first Awakened Business session with Andrea, I had my awakening, and it was not pretty: I saw clearly how I’d been living in very old lack-based “stories” about money. Fortunately I also discovered how to release those stories. Working with Andrea gave me instant relief - and it’s just gotten better from there.


During the program I was given Law of Attraction and marketing homework, and I sent weekly updates to Andrea. This kept me accountable, and I was surprised at how detailed her responses were – I really felt supported. 

Once when I was feeling completely self-critical about my video presentation skills, Andrea gave me a few simple techniques to try.They worked like a charm -  and I now enjoy being myself on camera.


One of my goals for this program was to create a marketing funnel to fill my coaching practice. I created a plan and am implementing it. I also learned a way to generate “instant income,” and it brought me two new clients right away.


My old pattern was to sit, wait, and hope that somehow enough clients would show up. Now I understand that I have the power to initiate new client activity in my business any time I want to. 

But this program was not only about changing my thoughts. I also have taken action on what I learned and experienced the results: two months after I completed this program my income had grown 10 times. 


Summer Alexander, CEO


During your Awakened Business Reading we work not only with the power of your mind but also with the power of spirit. Even if you've never consciously worked with your soul or inner being before, you will experience its gift for you during our first session.

This direct soul connection quickly opens the way for permanent change at the level of your Being.

When you shift at the Being level, you no longer believe what you used to accept as true... and your actions - infused with deep, new understanding - are now aligned with the power of your soul.

Your magnificence finally shines through as old layers of self doubt and worry drop away. As if you were finally done polishing a dirt-encrusted window, suddenly everything is crystal clear!


More faith, a new consulting contract -  and new coaching clients!


For such a compact coaching program, my Awakened Business Breakthrough with Andrea delivered surprisingly deep and lasting change. 

Andrea’s depth of subject matter expertise gave me a new understanding of the Law of Attraction that enabled me to turn the volume down on my old pattern of negative thinking.


I shifted from over-reliance on my mind to increased trust in my heart – and that led me to see more opportunities for my business as I worked to consistently choose happiness and faith as a state of Being.


The level of support I received from Andrea during the coaching sessions plus our detailed weekly email exchanges was impressive. As a coach she gets to the core of issues quickly, and the targeted LoA practices she offered helped me reframe my thinking as I committed to them daily.


As a result of the Awakened Business Breakthrough program, I’ve experienced an ongoing stream of unexpected business opportunities, including a new consulting contract and new clients. Largely as the result of a more LoA-refined sales offer made during my most recent live event, my results improved by about 300%! 

This concentrated program delivered substantial and even amazing results for a remarkably reasonable financial and time investment – and has permanently transformed my vibrational point of attraction.


David Solomon, Business Performance Strategist – Higher Purpose Business

AudreyWhen I started the Awakened Business Reading program with Andrea, I wanted peace and resolution about my career. I'd been feeling uncertain and unfocused about my direction - and was my own worst critic. 

Andrea helped me meet my inner being and begin to allow myself to receive and follow my intuition. I also began to approve of myself. 

During this program I noticed that all my decisions were beginning to work out well. I saw that whatever situations the universe sent to me were meant only to assist me. 

During my second session with Andrea, I made peace with my "Inner Critic" and dissolved this angry part of myself into love. 

Shortly after I completed my Awakened Business Reading, I received clear inspiration for my new career as a coach. 

I would never have believed it possible to change this much in just a few weeks."

-- Audrey Cowgill, graphic designer, writer and coach

Could an Awakened Business Breakthrough be your best path forward right now? 

If you're feeling stuck, doubtful, or in any way unhappy with your business results, don't miss this opportunity for a permanent breakthrough! 

It's time you worked and lived from spiritual truth...balanced with what I teach as  "aligned action." Let me give you the keys to relaxing into success, finally.

What I've come to know deeply about spiritual entrepreneurs is this: 

If you own (or want to own) a business that inspires you and is of service to others . . . that means:

 You have a gift to offer the world


Not only that, the gift of your business is keenly needed by our world today.


If that were not the case, you wouldn't experience your deep desire to own a business you love. 

And you wouldn't be called to serve if the universe hadn't already lined up customers who need exactly what you offer in the unique way you offer it.

In 14 years of working individually with more than a thousand spiritual entrepreneurs, I have not found one single case where this was untrue. 

I know it's no accident you're reading this page.

The desire you have to offer your business didn't come from your ego - it's a desire of the heart seeded in you by spirit!

A successful business you love is your destiny - you're meant to have it. But you may need help claiming it, and that's where your Awakened Business Breakthrough can make all the diference.

What's holding you apart from success might be the most common nagging problem for so many spiritual entrepreneurs…


The heartfelt vision you have for your business and its contribution to the world doesn't always match your day-to-day experience as an entrepreneur.


Over and over, I see how often  spiritual entrepreneurs suffer confusion, fear, and lack of income when they create a business of their own.


Discouragement can show up when you’re just starting out ("How will I ever find enough customers to make a living at this?") or even years later, when you own a real business but still feel overwhelmed and still struggle for income. ("Why can't I make enough money when I'm working so hard and have so much to offer?").


It can even show up after you've experienced substantial success but suddenly your business slows down or even appears to be stopped altogether. ("What am I doing wrong? How can I get back on track?").

If you're feeling any level of discouragement, from the slightest occasional twinge to an overwhelming temptation to give up on your dreams, here's what you must know:


Discouragement gives you a choice          bi-directional arrow


You can focus on it, allowing discouragement to take you farther away from your hopes, watching your passion fade with each passing day.


Or you can use discouragement as a catalyst to expand beyond anything you've experienced up to now.

As Abraham teaches, discouragement (or any negative emotion) causes you to launch endless new "rockets of desire" that have expanded everything in your Vortex. All you need to do now is get into alignment with everything that's waiting for you!


You need a new Law of Attraction Grid for your business, and an Awakened Business Breakthrough helps you create one!

For those of you who choose alignment – even if you can't see how your goals can happen for you right now –  your Awakened Business Breakthrough can be the catalyst that shifts you into receiving all the abundance the universe has been sending your way. For years. 

In fact, from the moment you take action to contact me for your appointment, you launch a new "grid" - Abraham's latest term for a vibrational point of attraction - and it leads right to your  Vortex.

Why an Awakened Business Breakthrough Will Work for You 

We follow a specific process that I've tested, refined and perfected over the past four years so that it serves spiritual entrepreneurs more quickly and with better results than any other business approach I  know of (and I have tried them all).

There's nothing vague about your Awakened Business Breakthrough. It has four well-defined segments – you know what to expect, and you receive it.


How an Awakened Business Reading helps you ascend and soar

Our first structured call has 4 segments:

Segment 1: Business Review (10-15 minutes) – Together we review your business. You're invited to tell me all about it: the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful. 

You're fully prepared to make the most of this review, because you receive a 19-point Business Assessment Questionnaire as soon as you sign up for your Awakened Business Breakthrough.

As we review your assessment,  I read and listen intuitively – with deep attention to your words as well as to the vibration behind them. 

If you have been holding back your real concerns about your business, expect to receive a rare opportunity to tell the entire truth. Admitting where you are to someone who believes in where you're going is the best way to break free of your current limitations. 

Segment 2: Vibration Analysis (10 minutes) – I help you understand exactly how you have been manifesting your current reality – your unique mix of what you want and what you don't want. 

Because we work in the light of spirit, you're likely to experience many new insights and expansions from this analysis. Most entrepreneurs find the analysis in Segment 2 offers them priceless "Aha" experiences as self awareness expands. 

You then receive specific suggestions on how to move forward in the areas that concern you most.

Segment 3: Awakening (or Strengthening) Your Spiritual Connection (15 minutes) – You experience first hand a link to your inner business awareness. 

This happens as you meet your inner being, inner business guide, angel or other helper and connect with its ever-flowing love and support for you – and its 100% faith in your success and abundance. If you already work with your inner being, this part of the session often opens up greater levels of trust and awareness.

I've helped thousands of people connect to their inner guides. With this connection you won't need to take my word for your guidance: you experience the connection for yourself.

You also learn exactly how to initiate communication with your inner being or guide at any time on your own. Once you have this connection, you never again need to stay stuck in self doubt, frustration or despair, because you know how to contact your own eternal Soul Power.

Vibrationally you are at a whole new point of attraction: you have gifted yourself with a quantum leap.

Segment 4: Your Awakened Business 30-day Plan (10 minutes) – Together you and I integrate your experience into a specific Awakened Business 30-day Plan.  

The plan typically incorporates inner work (spiritual connection) and practical action steps over the next month and sometimes beyond that.

We end by scheduling our first follow-up session in approximately three weeks.  You also receive instructions on how to receive additional support through weekly email exchanges designed to help you stay on track or recover quickly if you backslide. 

Around two weeks after our first follow up we'll have our final session, where we review and make sure you have a clear path going forward. The dates of these sessions are flexible so vacations etc. can be accommodated. 

Weekly email follow-up is the newest feature I've added to the program, and it's helping people achieve outstanding results. In between sessions you are invited to send me a detailed weekly update - and I will respond in detail to help you stay on track.


Although we've owned a Native American education and live performance business for many years, we're relatively new to marketing online. 

"In fact, when we found Andrea we were feeling overwhelmed and pretty confused by nearly everything about Internet marketing: we weren't sure what to do first or how to do it. Then we got on the phone for our first coaching call and, wow, were we amazed. It quickly became clear that Andrea understood us and the spirit of our business  - that in itself was a huge relief. She led us through a series of questions so we could identify which aspects of our work made sense to promote online first. We came away with clear priorities, an overall plan, and specific next steps. 

In well under 2 hours, we shifted from overwhelm and frustration into rekindled passion for our online business vision."  

Chief Robert and Terri Lynn Talltree

Beyond The Phone Call

After our first call you receive:

An mp3 recording of our entire session. Clients tell me over and over how valuable session recordings are, because they can listen any time and return to the insights and expansion they experienced. Listening helps them continue to build their trust in the universe. 

A second mp3 recording of a short, easy guided meditation to meet your inner being, guide or angel - with this recording you always know how to return to the soul connection you experienced on our call.

You're also clear on how to email me your weekly updates so I can help you stay on track for the first four weeks of your program.

You will also have your first and second follow-up sessions scheduled so you can look forward to more than a month of additional support.

If you were to purchase each of the Awakened Business Breakthrough components separately, here's what you'd pay: 

1. Assessment review (value $75) 
2. 3 50-minute calls + mp3 recordings (value: $900)
3. Guided meditation bonus (Value $39)
4. Detailed weekly email exchange for up to 6 weeks ($360)

Total value of all components:  $1374

But your price isn't anywhere near $1374  because...

The Awakened Business Breakthrough is the only short-term program I offer where you and I can work together one-on-one for a focused period of time - and I'm committed to keeping it affordable.  

It's also guaranteed. I  know what it's like to invest in services and products that don't live up to their promise. It's terrible! That's why your Awakened Business Breakthrough comes with a completely hassle-free guarantee.  


Here's how it works…

Somewhere around 20-30 minutes into session 1 of your Awakened Business Breakthroughafter you've told me everything that's going on and well into my feedback on your vibrational analysis – we'll take a short pause.

I'll ask you if you're receiving what you expected from our session and whether you'd like to continue.

You have the chance to cancel at that point - and receive 100% of your investment back.

You don't have to decide anything until you've gone through at least half of of your initial  50-minute session and have had a chance to experience the benefits of this program for yourself.

At that point, if you don't feel confident that the Awakened Business Breakthrough offers you a genuine path to success,  you're under no obligation to continue, and your payment is returned - promptly and with no hassle! I won't pressure you to continue - this is my absolute promise. 

Self doubt is the biggest problem spiritual entrepreneurs ever face!

It creeps in when the heart-centered vision you have for your business and your contribution to the world doesn't match your day-to-day experience. Self-doubt is corrosive. It's the main reason you retreat from your business instead of following your amazing path to fulfillment and success. 

Now there's a simple, affordable solution to self doubt...

If you're ready to experience the inner security that comes from a strong spiritual connection

If you're overdue for a shift into greater abundance through your business

If you're determined to step into the self employment success that you know is yours by divine right

Say yes  to your Awakened Business Breakthrough now, and hear back from me instantly with all the information you need to put your business on a higher track starting today.


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The Awakened Business Breakthrough is the only focused, short-term  coaching program I offer where you and I work together one-on-one to transform your business fast. I can't wait to hear from you and get started! 

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