Andrea Conway
Andrea Conway

The true voice of spirit is often just a whisper...

But once you know how to hear its "Secret Language" in your business...

Stand back and let the floodgates open!

Dear Spiritual Entrepreneur:

As conscious co-creators with the Law of Attraction, we all know our lives are meant to be abundant and pleasing to us in all aspects. 

Well... if that's the case...

Why don't more of us actually live truly abundant and pleasing lives - and enjoy our businesses more?

Does any of this sound familiar...?

  • I work so hard - but it's not bringing me success or even much satisfaction. Am I on the wrong path? 
  • How can I tell whether the business I have is in alignment with my purpose? I thought it was... now I'm not so sure. 
  • For years my business did very well. Now suddenly I've got loads of new competitors and fewer buyers. My income is dropping for the first time ever, and I'm worried. 
  • My business is going great! But I'm not sure I can manage everything - there's just not enough time, and I feel overwhelmed. 
  • How can I get into the Vortex about my business when everything about it seems stressful and requires so much effort? 
  • I've created an online business but very few people find me online. Even when they do they rarely buy from me.  
  • When I started my business I thought: if spirit means for me to have this, my path will be easy and enjoyable.  Well, it's not easy or enjoyable! I have no idea how to shift this. 

The spiritual tug of war for most of us is...

On one hand we know we're here to imagine the life of our dreams - and then we're meant to live that life, 

AND on the other's rarely that easy! Why is this?

As Paul Newman said in a really old movie:

"What we have here is a failure to communicate."

Spirit speaks to us in an entirely different language from how our socially programmed mind speaks to us.

Understanding spirit requires a soul-full - not a social - language

Now you can discover The Secret Language of Spirit in Your Business 

This recorded course on downloadable mp3 audios teaches you exactly how to listen when spirit communicates with you.  

When you understand the language, you're far less likely to misinterpret the message!

How "The Secret Language" found me

I was out for a spring hike in Boulder, Colorado, feeling attuned to nature and spirit.

Everything around me seemed unbelievably fresh and alive, radiating life force.

Out of "nowhere" I began receiving new, clear and different thoughts - substantially different from anything I'd ever thought before.  I received one of those "spiritual downloads," if you know what I mean...

My eyes and heart suddenly opened to a new perspective on what spirit wants us to know about our businesses. 

What a relief!

These insights left me feeling completely natural and relaxed about everything in my business and life, including a few challenges I had struggled with for years.

I realized that knowing this perspective on how spirit communicates with us could help all of us spiritual entrepreneurs become happier and more attractive to everything we desire.

My next thought was to share this transformational knowledge with you. What I had received felt like a totally new language - the secret language of how spirit communicates with us - when our ears have been attuned to it.  

I couldn't wait to introduce this information on teleclass. The response was even better than I'd hoped it would be...

Cliff Smith

WOW! Last night's teleclass on the Secret Language was truly inspiring!

Andrea gave me enough in the first 30 minutes to change my life immediately, and then there was so much more. 

"I've never had a desire to listen to a teleclass over again, but I am looking forward to the MP3 of this call so I can listen again."

- Cliff Smith, owner 

Cliff Smith

Amazing info, surprising shift!

Something shifted for me listening to the teleclass last week. I can feel easy about things that would normally have me worried. 

I'm getting used to it! 

Also wanted you to know: a new client signed up for my high-end package yesterday.

- Steph Johnson, pr consultant

After the teleclass response, and based on the consistently positive feedback I also received from my coaching clients who were learning to use the Secret Language, I knew I had to make this mind-shifting perspective available to all spiritual entrepreneurs.

Today The Secret Language of Spirit is an easy 2-part audio course 


Listening to the instantly downloadable audios automatically teaches you how to activate your pure, new understanding of spirit within yourself. 

These are the priceless skills you learn in The Secret Language course and keep for life...

1. Find out how you can easily distinguish Spiritual language from social language - discover the difference between the two and learn why our ability to discern the difference matters so much to you and your business.

2. Learn the 5 most common patterns of limited thinking that block your ability to hear the Language of Spirit by jamming its clear signal with inner lack-producing noise. Become confident you can always tell which language is speaking to you so you can tune into the one you prefer.

3. Find out how to claim permanent self-liberation through the course exercise that awakens you to you the one key you must have to correctly interpret the Secret Language of Spirit. 

4. Discover the 3 most important next steps for you personally in your business (no matter what stage of business you're in). These steps are revealed to you as you practice hearing the language and recognizing it on your own.

Your purchase is guaranteed for 30 days! If you're not completely happy with this course, request a full refund.

Cindy Caldwell

I had been feeling some frustration about my business and questioning its direction 

Frankly I was in a funk and knew I needed to get my energy turned around so I could have a successful business. 

One day after I'd downloaded the Secret Language audios I decided to listen to them while sitting at the airport. Wow - it was the perfect thing for me to hear! Listening to Andrea's material, I felt myself relax and shift into a different perspective: healed, calmer and ready to keep moving forward. 

I could totally understand Andrea's explanations of The Secret Language and examples of others who've used it. The course opened a way for me to shift my focus from frustration to appreciation. Now I consistently stay in a high vibration! This positive vibration has helped me in the development of new products I'm excited to launch, including my first book! 

Weeks and months later I continue to listen to the course audios because this information helps me stay focused on the vibrational point of attraction I prefer. 

You must listen to The Secret Language of Spirit in Your Business - I even gave it to my husband!

Cindy Caldwell, author and coach


My best month in business ever! 

 I love my online jewelry business, but being new to entrepreneurship I often felt plagued by insecurity and self-doubt.  I wanted to trust spirit but didn’t know how. 

I kept convincing myself that the obstacles I was coming up against meant I was on the wrong path. That is, until I found The Secret Language of Spirit in Your Business. 


This lecture and meditation course gave me the evidence to believe in myself and my success. As a former Criminal Psychologist, I am always looking for evidence (definitely an "occupational hazard"). 

The first time I listened to the course all my skeptical questions came up  – yet, by the end of the recording, all had been answered. This course  clarified for me that my obstacles were perfectly normal and no indication that I was on the wrong path. What  a great mind-set shift for me.


I listened every day for 10 days and still listen every two or three weeks. That’s how powerful, true and uplifting this material is. Andrea has packed this course with real-world examples of people overcoming serious obstacles, and she offers recommendations and books  for further study that provide additional inspiration (all of which I have bought and started reading). 

This is definitely not the typical woo-woo Law of Attraction advice! Although deeply spiritual, The Secret Language is also highly practical and pragmatic - that's what I loved about it.


The course includes a short but effective guided meditation (I use it before bed and drift into sleep in my Vortex).  It also comes with a personal coaching session with Andrea  -  this was extremely helpful in expanding my trust.


I now understand that business success is not an esoteric spiritual mystery and that apparent setbacks do not indicate failure. There is a soul-empowered yet practical system we can learn and use, and Andrea reveals it.


Within 1 month of using the program and meditation I had my best month of sales (selling jewelry in a recession). It also gave me the confidence to move forward with my own designs and not just act as a portal for other designers. This decision led me to outsourcing the manufacture of my designs - something that was only a dream before. 


I strongly recommend  this product; it's really powerful for a very reasonable investment.


Vannessa Vinos


Is this course right for you? 

It's designed for spiritual entrepreneurs who ...

Frequently worry about your business (I have good news to share about that!)

Wonder whether you have a "major block" to success (this can show up as limiting beliefs about money, your age, your appearance, personality, lack of skills, fear of competition - or anything else you that holds you back).

Often compare yourself to others and believe they have it easier - or they are  more talented or luckier than you.

Sometimes think there must be a "missing piece" that would switch on the abundant flow of success you desire so much - but you have no idea how to find it.

Have invested with some of the most successful marketers, consultants and coaches out there - yet still find you can't make the breakthroughs you want.

This is your time to make a small investment and receive huge benefits such as: 

The end of self-doubt

Worry and fear: banished!

Access to your true spiritual power easily and naturally and anytime you want it

But you should act now because...


Last year I transferred marketing rights to The Secret Language to another company. As these things sometimes go, the other company went through a management change and everything was on hold, it seemed indefinitely.  

I now have the rights back and have decided to give this course one last promotion at an extremely steep discount. After this I'm retiring it to make room for other courses now in development. 

The Secret Language material will likely get incorporated into another course at some point, but I promise you it will never again sell for this price! 

Even though the close-out price is super low, it includes

two high-value bonuses...


Bonus #1: You Are Always Guided: A meditation mp3 exclusive to this class. Expand your understanding of the Secret Language of Spirit and work with your personal guide or angel to access guidance any time you need it. The more you use the meditation, the easier it is to naturally understand The Secret Language.  (Value: $39)

Bonus #2: One 30-minute coaching session with me: I so look forward to  assisting you in any fine-tuning required as you apply the Secret Language to your business! There's no expiration date, just email me when you're ready to schedule. Sessions are conducted by phone or Skype and are recorded - I send you the mp3 afterward so you can re-listen any time you like. (Value: $175)

Receive all the blessings of spiritual entrepreneurship the way the universe intends you to have them! These blessings are instantly in your possession when you buy The Secret Language of Spirit in Your Business during this final closeout sale

This is your absolute best time to learn the inner language of success, true freedom, and natural harmony with the universe - the language you were destined to discover:

The Secret Language of Spirit in Your Business

The course includes two 50-minute mp3 audios  ($99 value) plus your two bonuses (valued at $215) - a $314 value. Access all the downloadable course files instantly!

Original price: $197

Your closeout sale price...


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Happiness and success to you - let's have our coaching session soon!

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