Andrea Conway
Andrea Conway
Law of Attraction Coach

Breakthrough Attraction Marketing Strategies Revealed

by Joe Vitale and 5 other experts ready to share their top secrets and help you . . .

become irresistible to your ideal customers and attract all the business as you desire



Dear Attraction Marketer and friend:

Are you uncomfortable with the whole idea of marketing?

Do you find yourself chasing after customers and sometimes feeling desperate?

Do you wonder how to find the right customers -- the ones truly looking for what you offer who are eager and willing to pay you well for it?


Have you ever wished it could be easy to harness the power of the Law of Attraction to connect you and your ideal clients?

If you're saying YES, here are the breakthrough strategies that teach you exactly how to go from chasing customers and grasping for business to inviting customers and receiving income with ease and grace.

The CD and audio collection:

Law of Attraction Marketing:

The Mastermind Collection

offers you:

Six of the world's best magnetic marketing experts
reveal how to win all the business

you've ever wanted through the persuasive and practical
power of attraction

and it's on sale through June 19

Join this "marketing mastermind" and listen to five incredibly inspiring and practical conversations that rocket your marketing to an entirely new level.

On these interviews, 6 experts reveal the insider tips, closely held techniques, and mind-expanding insights that make you become irresistibly attractive to the customers who want what you offer and are willing to pay what you deserve.


It's like having your very own personal mastermind
group with 6 Law of Attraction gurus

Listen as each expert brings her or his best attraction marketing secrets into the open.

Participate in an informal conversation that makes it easy for you to learn and super-charge how you market using the Law of Attraction.

Why are these interviews exclusive and different from all the other "success" interviews you've probably heard?

Because they're 100% focused on the needs of business owners like you and me who want to gain maximum benefit from the Law of Attraction.

If you've been reading my newsletter for a while, you know I believe that working with spirit is the ultimate key to success.

That's where most motivational CDs and other success tools fall short -- they talk a lot about motivation but don't give you the spiritual key.

These interviews are different

As you listen to these experts, you receive the keys to the kingdom of attraction marketing. You understand exactly how to use the spiritual Law of Attraction to attain superior results -- without the fake rah-rah cheerleading and relentless effort that most success systems teach.


Listen and learn from the best attraction marketing experts available -- the ones who have built magnificent businesses because of their understanding of attraction and how to use it to attain astonishing levels of success.

All of these exclusive interviews are available ONLY in Law of Attraction Marketing: The Mastermind Collection.


Law Of Attraction Marketing CDsAs the interviewer, I asked the tough questions -- the ones I wanted to make sure you got answers to: no squirming allowed. I had very high expectations.


"Andrea, your questions are brilliant!"

       -- Joe Vitale (you'll hear him
         say it on the CD)


I have to tell you, the results amazed even me. These marvelous experts delivered far more than I hoped for -- no wonder they are so incredibly successful!

You may be wondering whether their brilliant ideas can actually work for you.

Absolutely. Let me explain why.

As you listen to these interviews your mind easily shifts you into a more successful point of attraction.

Psychologists call it "entrainment" -- the phenomenon whereby people in conversation tune into each other and match what they hear.

While you listen to this powerful and inspiring information, you begin to bask in the confidence these experts exude.

Through entrainment, you easily transport yourself to a higher level of understanding where it's suddenly easier to create success.


As you continue to listen, your certainty and understanding grow, and you find yourself bursting with new enthusiasm, energy and money-attracting ideas.  


It's effortless! (Keep a notebook handy to capture your new money-generating ideas, confidence and clarity -- these ideas are your gold mine, your private cache of secrets to success.)

Listening to these CDs, you learn exactly how to take the Law of Attraction in as your partner for success, and you become unstoppable!



I loved these interviews! They perfectly reinforced my commitment to everything I believe about business and spirituality. The expansive ideas offered enlarged my perspective and gave me new techniques that I've already put into action. I will listen to these CDs again and again.

If you want to be encouraged and inspired, listen to this collection!


Shauna Rampley, Organization Development Consultant


These interviews were 100% exclusively

created for entrepreneurs to use in their marketing.


This isn't general Law of Attraction stuff. You hear fresh information newly recorded, nothing rehashed, reprinted, or borrowed from other people's interviews. Everything in this CD collection was created specifically to help you master attraction and achieve greater success than you have ever before allowed yourself to imagine.





joe vitaleCD 1 - Joe Vitale

Author, marketing master, miracles coach, star of "The Secret," and consummate spiritual entrepreneur

Sure, you've seen him in The Secret, on Larry King Live and on Oprah. You know he's smart, funny, sincerely spiritual, and an outrageous marketer.

But I guarantee you've never heard him be more passionate, inspiring -- even transcendent -- about business than he is in this interview.

Joe's so in-demand these days that, unless you're Oprah, it's nearly impossible to get him to talk to you. I'm extremely grateful he believed in this project enough to grant me, a complete stranger to him at the time, this awesome interview.

Discover another side of Joe Vitale and in the process find out:

  1. His surprising opinion on "The Secret": just another media fad or a true spiritual awakening?
  2. The missing key in all the self-help models
  3. The hands-down #1 best reason to pick a business
  4. How to awaken your prospects from their trance so they give you their attention
  5. The invincible magic of originality: how to get it, why it matters
  6. A fast way to build your direct marketing list -- even if you're starting from absolute zero


marcia yudkinCD 2 - Marcia Yudkin

Veteran publicist, marketing virtuoso, author of "6 Steps to Free Publicity" (and countless articles and books) and speaker

Marcia is renowned worldwide for her marketing acumen and sound business advice, and her free Marketing Minute newsletter is required reading for any savvy business owner.

You can hire Marcia as a private consultant for several hundred dollars an hour -- or get her most incisive ideas on attraction marketing from this CD.

Though I've known Marcia professionally since the mid-1990s, I've never before heard her reveal these exclusive tips, including:

  1. Exposed -- the risks of relying 100% on the Internet for marketing
  2. Getting riffraff instead of ideal clients? How to fix that
  3. The hidden pitfalls in your marketing plan and what to do about them
  4. A process for discovering your best clients
  5. Why it's a mistake to think that your business is the same as anyone else's -- even if you're only selling commodity "widgets"
  6. It's not a numbers game -- how to make a big income from a small customer list


stringer hickmanCD 3 - Jan Stringer and Alan Hickman

Authors, seminar leaders and creators of the Strategic Attraction™ Coaches Academy and Training

Perhaps you've read Jan's classic book Attracting Perfect Customers. If you haven't, you'll want to after listening to this interview -- the book is a top 3 must-read for anyone interested in making attraction and business work synergistically for immense success. Through their extensive coaching and training programs, Jan and Alan have expanded the art of customer attraction into a complete science! This interview reawakened me to the full power of attraction as Jan and Alan deliver:

  1. A crystal-clear strategy for activating the Law of Attraction in business (this information alone is priceless)
  2. A four-step Strategic Action Plan for attracting YOUR perfect customers
  3. Jan & Alan's enlightened approach to dealing with customer complaints
  4. What to do when you're exhausted from marketing and selling: the paradoxical power of standing still
  5. What your mama taught you about business
  6. The ultimate marketing secret: how to know what your perfect customers really want, even when they can't (or won't) tell you


Marty MarshCD 4 - Marty Marsh

Marketer extraordinaire, Law of Attraction coach, teacher, and Chief Clarity Officer at Great Living Today

I met Marty, my co-producer of this CD collection, during our life coach certification training. A talented and perceptive coach, he's also unequalled at explaining the Law Attraction in clear ways that even a rank beginner can understand. In this interview, Marty applies his trademark clarity to building of the right marketing foundation to make you irresistibly attractive. It's about knowing the basics, getting them right, getting them done (whew!) -- and best yet -- doing them on your terms. Marty explains:

  1. What is a "soul proprietor" -- and how to know if you are one
  2. A simple, step-by-step approach to your marketing foundation
  3. Why you can't market to everybody (even though you may think you can)
  4. The magical combination: Law of Attraction + action
  5. Too guilty to let yourself make money? How to get over it.
  6. Why it's not only possible but easy to enjoy marketing


andrea conwayCD 5 - Andrea Conway

20-year corporate marketing veteran, Law of Attraction marketing coach, writer, teacher, and publisher of [SSE News]

After grilling everyone else about the Law of Attraction and marketing, I thought it only fair to have the tables turned on me. In the final CD in the collection, Albuquerque radio personality and avid SSE News reader Ed DeBuvitz asks me some pointed questions of his own. Find out:

  1. Not getting results? The only explanation for it. 
  2. What service and love have to do with business
  3. How -- and why -- I boldly launched Successful Self Employment in the grim aftermath of 9/11 and the dotcom crash
  4. Why you must ignore "the terrible economy" if you want to succeed -- and how to do it
  5. What to look for in a coach and why I guarantee coaching results
  6. Three quick and easy practices to create your success vibration right now

Law of Attraction Marketing: The Mastermind Collection gives you 5 CDs, 6 experts, and nearly five hours of focused content.


Plus, get ready to receive something completely priceless as you listen to these interviews...

A set of attraction keys that give you the unwavering ability to create what some call a "personal success economy" -- so that you prosper regardless of what happens in increasingly volatile world economies and job markets.

Step into the circle of inner security with me and 5 other attraction marketing experts.

Claim your destiny.

Experience your invincible right to success, and know exactly how to attract the market you are divinely meant to serve.



These interviews opened my eyes to how much ability we have to attract the customers we want to work with. The message that it's all about attraction, stated in a variety of ways by this group of outstanding experts,is powerful enough to draw prosperity to the listener.

-- Mark Adamson, owner, Pro-Cuts


Why Law of Attraction Marketing: The Mastermind Collection is on sale for a crazy low price

Simply: I goofed. I thought all of the CDs had sold out long ago.

When I left Phoenix and got back to Denver last month, I opened the hall closet and was completely surprised to see an entire box with 3 dozen brand new fully assembled CD albums inside.


It didn't seem right to sell them for the original price.

I realized if I discounted these last CD albums drastically it would be a great way to help more entrepreneurs get their hands on this amazing material.

The original price of this collection was $199. Later I had them on sale for $149. But you're going to a lot less than half of that because you're buying now.

And you can choose from physical CDs or mp3 audio files.

law of attractionPlus, your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed!

As always, I guarantee 100% satisfaction. Try the entire Law of Attraction Marketing Mastermind Collection for 30 days, and if you're not happy for any reason at all, return it for a full refund -- with no questions asked!

(And if your return arrives 32, 35 or even 40 days after you order, no sweat. You still get your full refund.)

There's no risk when you buy. My guarantee makes it a snap for you to accelerate your business with the powerful, unique and profitable information in this CD collection.

For those who just can't wait to get started, I'm including two "instant gratification" bonuses and a free

optional gift.

1 - Instant Gratification Bonus #1

Not only can you instantly download the mp3 audios (even if you purchase CDs), you can also instantly download and read transcripts of each interview. I love to print out the transcripts, read them, and make notes for action steps later.

2 - Instant Gratification Bonus #2

My e-report 17 Quick and Easy Ways to Release Resistance and Become Magnetic to What You Want. We've all heard: "When you ask it is given." The only reason you haven't received it is: you have resistance. This quick read gives you 17 ways to recognize and release resistance so you can actually receive all the great stuff the universe is sending your way, including your new perfect customers.

3 - Free Optional Gift

To assist you in expanding your attraction marketing momentum I'm tossing in a free 29-day membership in SSE Inner Circle as an option. It's completely risk free. You'll find a library of class audios and transcripts that build your expertise as a magnetic marketer and give you ongoing support in marketing with the Law of Attraction.

(Current members: grab this gift and your membership payment will be suspended for one month. And don't forget to apply your member discount when you make your purchase. )



I LOVE the Law of Attraction Marketing CDs. Especially the fact that everyone has discovered that the key to success is working with your perfect customers. The CDs are powerful and I listen to them every day in my car.  Thank you for the inspiration!

Joan Roberts, Ph.D., Owner
Visiting Angels, Riverside CA

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When these last CD sets sell out, they're gone for good -- I won't be offering them again, simply because I'm involved in too many other exciting projects.

If you're ready to hear the experts' top strategies for attracting and keeping your ideal customers -- strategies that enable you to market with more ease and greater success than you ever dreamed possible -- don't delay! Order now.


YES, Andrea! I'm ready to:

  1. Learn the little-known secrets of attraction marketing so I become irresistibly magnetic to success
  2. Hear 6 world-class experts tell me exactly how to work with the power of attraction in marketing
  3. Be inspired to achieve a new level of success in my business
  4. Access my inner gold mine of brilliant, money-making ideas
  5. Create my "personal economy of success" and thrive, no matter what happens to the economy in my community, country or the world

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